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Course Subjects 

Applied Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology

Yogalates Teachers learn to choose poses and exercises that enhance functional movement patterns, avoid pain and injury, and develop the efficient and healthy recruitment of muscles during poses.


Learn how to identify common postural misalignment's. What postures or variations to recommend for various “Body Types” e.g. Kyphosis, Lordosis, Sway, Flat back or the combinations that YOU will see present in your clients. Learn the physiological effects that these body types have on the function of the breath and the core.


Learn how to deconstruct the complexity of the Asana Poses, then layer and re-build the pose with the correct functional application for the individual and their body type; or perhaps choose a more modified adaption that is better suited to the individuals blueprint.


Yogalates Teachers understand how to use the general repertoire of Yoga techniques and the core stabilising Pilates techniques to support clients in their individual safe practice.


Through the above broad knowledge base that embodies the Yogalates method; the system lays a deep therapeutic application to support the functional foundation of Yoga and Yoga Therapy.


Asana Alignment

This subject focuses on the specific alignment of the most common Yoga poses used in the Yogalates Method. We will cover all contra-indications and cautions applicable to these poses and the use of props to assist and support those with Special Needs. Basic adjustments and the Sanskrit terms for poses will be learnt and applied. Discuss and apply biomechanical/functional movement principles as they relate to exercise and asanas – levers and loadings and their safe application.


Pilates Mat work and Basic Postural/Functional Evaluation = Core Therapy

During this mat work module we use resistance bands to replicate the work of the Pilates machines (which will not be used in this course). We will also cover the Pilates Method – History & origins.

The student will learn the skills on how to assess body types (their own and that of others) and then identify common imbalances in the basic musculo-skeletal structure. They will also learn how to isolate muscles groups in movement, to know which are working and which aren’t, how to work their body within its natural structural base creating thoracic & pelvic stability (core stability) and the importance of core stability’s role in addressing imbalances in the human body.


Special Needs for Special Populations = Yoga Therapy

This subject covers learning about the most common physical imbalances that will present themselves in the general running of a Yogalates class and how to adapt or modify to suit the needs of the client. Biomechanical principles will be learnt along with the precautions needed to prevent injury during a session; it will give some perspective of when and how to seek the help of other professionals. Women and Men’s special needs will also be addressed however, Pre-natal will not be covered.


Pranayama Breathing Techniques

There is a lot of science supporting the benefits of the Yogic breathing practises and the medical health practitioners are referring more people to Yoga.

An understanding of the breath and its effects on the physiology of the body are a fundamental part of any Yogalates practice. The Pranayama module will combine both theory and practice with a focus on how to control the tides, the textures, the volumes of our breath. Practises include e.g Full Yogic Breath, Lung Toning and Viloma used to extend the volume and control, to Nadi Shodhana breath used to cleanse, revitalise and purify the pranic channels and to restore equilibrium to the mind and body. As well as exploring a restorative functional Diaphragmatic breath to support the understanding of the anatomy and physiology of functional breathing aiding in good healthy IAP. These breaths will be explored in detail at the Practicum including the many benefits, precautions and contraindications.


This module is not covered in the more conventional Pilates courses.


Restorative Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation
Relaxation is a foundation principle of Yogalates and in this fast paced world we live in is a needed commodity. Yogalates Teachers know how to incorporate savasana, Yoga Nidra (guided body relaxations), Restorative Yoga poses and Meditation into their sessions in a way in which connects deeply with and supports healthy function of the neuro-musculoskeletal system.


This module is not covered in the more conventional Pilates courses.


Yoga Philosophy & Physiology
Yogalates students study and apply Yoga Philosophy to their daily life and practice.  Many students comment that the philosophy component of the course deeply connected their Teacher Training study and practice to the larger intention of their lives. The Sutras of Patanjali are also explored as well as the Yoga Pradipika & Bhagavad-Gita that will give you a fundamental idea on how Yoga practice & teachings are based and how it was developed. In addition to the Philosophy you will gain insight into the layers & energy channels running through the human body used in various Yoga system.

Please note Yoga History & Physiology is only covered in the Australia training. Refer to the subject content here

Yoga Philosophy is covered in all training locations. 

Teacher Training – Practical One To One Sessions

During the practicum, aspirant Yogalates instructors will be given the opportunity to apply all they have learnt through their home study. Each student will work with different clients (one on one), and thus body types, allowing the chance to use a range of skills. Initially the student will have a basic class program to work from which will then be moulded to suit the clients individual needs where applicable and appropriate. Students will also simulate a Yogalates public class then teach a formal class. This subject will hone your communication/instructional, session/class planning skills and increase your self-confidence.


On The Floor Training/Public classes (part 2 - practicum)

The student gets their first experience of viewing the Yogalates class from a teaching perspective through assisting the teacher on the floor as part of the public open classes. On a practical level we learn how to prepare for the class i.e. set up procedures, time management, introduction to new clients etc. The training assistant will get the opportunity to apply adjustments in the Yogalates class where appropriate and applicable once deemed ready by the teacher. The importance of constantly monitoring and supervising the class as a whole is stressed in this module with particular emphasis placed on safety & injury prevention. “On the job training” This will be completed in the practicum.


Yogalates - Cocktail Class

The Cocktail class subject is designed to allow for a blending of the skills learnt; it is a very practical subject with theory components. The Yogalates concept and its principles are very thoroughly and comprehensively covered so that the students grasp how the Pilates mat work (core Stability) and its key safety instructions are fused into Yoga.

Structuring and formatting of an effective class is learnt along with basic adjustments so the student gains the confidence and skills in knowing how to approach and move the client safely and appropriately.


Yogalates – (Personal Practice & DVD)

The Yogalates Flow class is a very personal and self reflective module which is 100% practical and allows the student to delve even further into the Yogalates method. It aims to build stamina, endurance and flexibility through consistent practice over the duration of the course. The student will experience the many changes that are inevitable with regular practice. Through self observation each individual will assess the effects their practice has not only on their bodies but also state of mind. Initially areas of strength & weakness are identified with emphasis then given to ultimately bring about balance. This subject is delivered through the Yogalates DVDs incorporating Yogalates principles and instruction. There is an emphasis on how a flowing sequence can be developed; one pose unfolding and blending into the next always integrating the breath with movement.

The Personal Practice part of the subject will require that the student plan the structure and format of their own class sessions. Through this process you will learn to evaluate and identify changes in your body and its response to the practice, also taking note of how your ability to structure and format a class changes. It is important to build on your own personal practice in order to teach others well “practising what you preach”. The student will then deliver to family/friends as practical assignments before the practicum.


Business Management

In this lecture we learn the nuts and bolts of what is required to run Yogalates classes and/or Centres. You will gain all the necessary information, resources and legal requirements to establish, promote and maintain an effective business.


Senior First Aid - It is the responsibility of the student to access this unit in their own time and provide evidence of certification.

Senior First aid is an essential skill in the handling of any occupational health and safety situations that may arise as a Yogalates instructor. This module is a fun blend of theory and practice, the skills the student learns will give them the confidence to deal with emergency situations particularly

those applicable to the yoga room.

Learning objectives that need to be covered in the First Aid certificate are:

* Apply Life Support Skills                     * Resuscitation

* Choking                                            * Patient assessment

* Asthma                                             * Anaphylaxis

* Cardiac Conditions                             * WHS requirements

* Infection Control                                * First Aid Kits

* Demonstrate the identification and management of bleeding, wounds and shock.

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