All the Yogalates Tutors have studied and continue to study the ancient scripts: the vedas, the Gita and Sutras, thus embodying the depth, clarity and heart of Yoga in their teaching practises.

'The course was rigorous BUT it was very cleverly designed, taught with incredible depth of knowledge and compassion. It was a truly an extraordinary experience and the start of a life changing journey.'

- Irena UK, Byron Bay Teacher Training May 2017

Director & Founder of Yogalates



Louise has been practising Yoga for over 30 years and Pilates for 25 years. She completed her Pilates Teacher Training in 1992 and taught Pilates exclusively in the early nineties (well before the Pilates mat class existed). In 1994 Louise attained certification in Yoga Teaching and has been teaching her own fusion the renowned Yogalates method since then.

Louise is a pioneer in the health and fitness industry; has been  interviewed around the world on Yogalates, core stability, and  standards of safety in the Yoga room. Louise has a well developed  curriculum and has been training students in her method since 2000; is credited with having an award winning fitness/well being  DVD series; Yogalates was no 1 on the UK charts in 2003;  authored a book “The breakthrough method that combines the best of Yoga and Pilates”. Runs Teacher Trainings and Retreats in Europe, Bali and Australia.

The Yogalates method now incorporates the fundamental pelvic patterns from leading Physiotherapist Josephine Keys specialising in back pain. She quotes below - 

"In my opinion, the Yogalates Academy have clearly been concerned to ensure that their teaching syllabus offers a responsible, safe and appropriate form of exercise therapy which can also be applied therapeutically in injury rehabilitation which is more appropriate to the client’s needs"

Louise is a teacher an author and teacher trainer/tutor and is known for profoundly inspiring and impacting the lives of her students for nearly 3 decades.


Her teaching is a culmination of her life experiences and decades of study, application and teaching others to connect with their bodies and mind. She regularly teachers on Yoga Expos.

Louise is a Senior Level member with Yoga Australia and recognised by Yoga Alliance at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500).

  Louise Solomon  
Crystal Solomon Lebars

Crystal has lived and breathed Yogalates since its inception. At the young age of 15 she attended the first Yogalates retreat in France and began assisting her mother. In 2003 she formally undertook the Yogalates Teacher Training and has assisted on the trainings and taught Yogalates ever since. During this time she enrolled in tertiary studies completing 2 degrees, a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (BSES) and then a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPhty) and has been working as a physiotherapist while continuing to focus more on one to one Yogalates sessions. She has a passion for understanding the structure and function of the human body which stemmed from her dance training as a youth and being surrounded by Yoga and Pilates her whole life. She has continued to attend Yogalates update workshops including those facilitated by Josephine Key and has also completed the level 1 and 2 DMA clinical Pilates course, geared towards physiotherapists specifically dealing with musculoskeletal injury, prevention and management. Crystal teaches at the Tuscany training.

Clive Salzer

Clive Salzer has been teaching yoga for over 30 years, most of his adult life. He helped to set up the accredited yoga studies and yoga teacher training courses of the Satyananda Yoga Academy in the 1990’s. From 2000-2009 he became a lecturer for the Yoga Teaching Diploma at Nature Care College, specialising in the history, the philosophy of yoga, yogic physiology, yoga relaxation and meditation. He became head of the Yoga department in 2005. In 2007 he undertook the Yogalates Teacher Training Course in Bangalow, and has been teaching the Yogalates style of yoga since then.

Tracey Craft

Tracey began attending Yogalates classes in the year 2000 and in 2008 completed the Yogalates teacher training ans has been teaching the Yogalates method since in and around the Byron Shire, Australia. From 2009 - 2011 Tracey undertook the "Tattwas Shudhi Shodhona" - 5 element purification - under the tutelage of Peter Clifford who taught the Yoga Philosophy module on the Yogalates trainings for many years until he moved overseas. Tracey is a guest Anatomy and Asana teacher for the Santosha Yoga School since January 2011. She is as enthusiastic now as when she first began her Yoga journey.

Tracey is now a Facilitator at the Yogalates Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy and Asana. 

  Nic Whiteman  

Nicole graduated in 2004 as a Solomon YogalatesTM Trainer and has been teaching from her Sydney studio in Gymea since. With over 20 years of Yoga experience, 14 years as a Yogalates Teacher, and now a Master Trainer of the Yogalates Method, her passion lies in sharing the practice of breathwork, meditation and alignment of the body in postures (Asana) so others can experience the strength (Stirrha) and peace (Sukkha) this practice makes available to every one of us.  With simple tools and self awareness we have the ability to transform.  'I love being a part of that journey for others - finding the peace within, awake and aware so we can make conscious choices to create our own healthy and happy life, with an inner strength and determination to take on whatever challenges we may be faced with'.  


Nicole is a Facilitator in the Sydney Teacher Training.

  Olive McLeod 

Olive has been teaching Yogalates since she graduated in 2003. Olive brings her unique talents and beautiful voice to the public classes that you will join and also assist on. You will explore and experience the many benefits of pranayama and meditation that she weaves through her classes and you might also experience one of her singing Savasana, where she uses chants as a tool for taking clients into relaxation. Don’t worry you aren’t all expected to sing your clients into relaxation at the end of this training.

Bec Cherry

Bec has been marking your PY, AN, TT and PP assessments and delivers Business Management in the teacher training. She is also the Yogalates Administration Manager.

She started Yogalates to complement her dancing and postnatal recovery. She then completed her Yogalates training in 2008. After feeling and seeing the benefits from her birth recovery, Rebecca wanted to share her knowledge and focus on women, in particular with Pregnancy, Postnatal, pelvic floor dysfunction and everyday bio-mechanics. Having studied in these areas separately under leading Physiotherapists & Bio-mechanists and other medical professionals, she has been able to bring her knowledge and incorporate this into her Yogalates classes.

Kanako Yajima

Through Classical Ballet, Kanako developed body awareness and the joy of using her body in expressive art, which led her to discover Yoga and Pilates. In order to cope with the hectic city life in Tokyo, she practiced yoga at home and attended classes and workshops with different teachers; however, it was when she first came to Byron bay that she has really started to dive in the depth of Yoga and meditation. Since then she’s received trainings in Solomon Yogalates and in the Ishta System with Rachel Zinman.
She has been studying and teaching a healing meditative form of yoga called 5 Element Form as part of apprenticeship with Peter Clifford for more than 6 years and is also qualified in teaching prenatal yoga. Kanako has worked internationally in many teacher trainings, retreats and workshops as both interpreter (for Japanese groups) and as a teacher /co-teacher since 2007.

Thanks to her experience as a yoga translator/interpreter and her dedication to knowledge and growth, she has been immersed in various teachings including yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology, pranayama and meditation. Currently based in Byron Bay, Australia, Kanako enjoys teaching small group classes and prenatal yoga when she is not teaching for trainings. She is grateful everyday for being a mother to her little daughter as it has been the most challenging yet beautiful and transformational yoga sadhana in life.

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