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Course Subjects 

Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology – (For Functional Movement)

Yogalates Teachers learn to choose poses and exercises that enhance functional movement patterns, avoid pain and injury, and develop the efficient and healthy recruitment of muscles during poses.

Learn how to identify common postural misalignments. What postures or variations to recommend for various “Body Types” e.g. Kyphosis, Lordosis, Sway, Flat back or the combinations that YOU will see present in your clients. Learn the physiological effects that these body types have on the function of the breath and the core.

Learn how to deconstruct the complexity of the Asana Poses, then layer and re-build the pose with the correct functional application for the individual and their body type; or perhaps choose a more modified adaption that is better suited to the individual’s blueprint.


Special Needs for Special Populations and Yoga Therapy

  •  Body Types identified in pose groups

  • Discuss the most common contraindications and risks e.g HBP, LBP, back pain various causes etc from Herniated Disks (the four variations) to Sacro iliac dysfunction;

  • Discuss intentions, benefits, contraindications and risks

  • Discuss and apply biomechanical/functional movement principles as they relate to exercise and asanas – levers and loadings and their safe application.

  • Aid people to rehabilitate from injury shoulder dysfunction symptoms; Hip or knee replacements

  • Learn the unique modifications of the Yogalates repertoire

  • Props used in the Yogalates repertoire; the resistance band effectively reproducing exercises from the Pilates Reformer as well as creatively fusing the band work into Asana poses, Yoga block used with in the mat work and asana Yogalates repertoire, Yoga Bolsters, blankets, eye pillows and strap

  • Restorative Therapeutic Yoga; Anxiety, stress and depression will be addressed


Pilates - Core therapy/stability and its support within Yoga Therapy

Learn the unique biomechanical stability of the Yogalates Girdles (Thoracic, Abdominal and Pelvic) that encompass the trunk/axial skeleton, the latest science on the function of Core and how functional breathing effects and drives this. Learn exercises that aid in the function of the core and the Fundamental Pelvic Patterns from what all exercise, asana and everyday movement is driven from. You will  learn to acquire, tactile and combined cueing practices to facilitate motor learning and the general Pilates practises. This module also delivers the unique fusion of stability and functional breathing within Asana, plus the intergral support and depth of this fusion that aids Yoga Therapy.


How to create safe, mixed ability Yoga/Yogalates Classes
Hone and expand your skills for sequencing and teaching a safe flowing Yogalates class for a wide variety of clients. Learn an “intention based” approach to poses and exercises that will allow you to creatively modify poses for special needs and beginners or safely extend poses for the experienced clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to make Yoga accessible and affirming for everyone.


Business Management

You will receive a handout that explains the nuts and bolts of what is required to run Yogalates classes and/or Centres. You will gain all the necessary information, resources and legal requirements to establish, promote and maintain an effective business.


Yogalates – Practise and Teaching

  • You will experience the structuring and sequencing of poses first through the award wining DVDS with in the home study component.

  • At the practicum you will join the public Yogalates classes at our studios.

  • Experience viewing the unique flow of a Yogalates class from a teaching perspective through assisting the teacher on the floor.

  • Attending the Yogalates classes for your own personal practise; through this process you will learn to evaluate and identify changes in your body and its response to the practice, also taking note of how your ability to structure and format a class

  • Explore the methods unique repertoire on modifications of poses in action through the public classes

  • Observe the methods unique effective communication with in instructing through, verbal cues, imagery and metaphors for performance enhancement and client motivation

  • The importance of constantly monitoring and supervising the class as a whole is stressed in this module with particular emphasis placed on safety & injury prevention.  “On the job training”

  • The Yogalates concept and its principles are very thoroughly and comprehensively covered so that the students grasp how the Pilates mat work (core Stability) and its key safety instructions are fused into Yoga

  • You will be assessed to deliver a 1 hour class at the practicum if not found competent you will then need to submit 2 x 1 hour videoed classes for assessment.

Yoga Philosophy & Physiology

Yogalates students study and apply Yoga Philosophy to their daily life and practice.  Many students comment that the philosophy component of the course deeply connected their Teacher Training study and practice to the larger intention of their lives. The Sutras of Patanjali are also explored as well as the Yoga Pradipika & Bhagavad-Gita that will give you a fundamental idea on how Yoga practice & teachings are based and how it was developed. In addition to the Philosophy you will gain insight into the layers & energy channels running through the human body used in various Yoga systems.

To receive the certificate qualification you will be required to have successfully and competently completed all assessment tasks for each subject.

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